I am wondering if there are any particular sexual positions that are best for trying to conceive?

My partner and I are both 34 and have been trying for more than a year now and we are desperate to have a baby.


There is quite a lot of controversy surrounding sexual practices and enabling conception. The most important key aspects are to consider the following:

Missionary position (male on top) is considered the ideal position to sustain at male orgasm (ejaculation). Essentially you want to be in a position where semen is not lost from gravity. The female should rest lying down for a few minutes prior to going to the toilet (always a good idea to protect against urinary tract infections). Pillows and legs raised in the air are not necessary as sperm take a fraction of a second to travel through the cervical opening.

In addition, make sure that you avoid all synthetic lubricants as they can act as mild spermicides and can kill sperm. Lubricants such as “pre-seed” or natural almond oil are better options. Raw egg whites are actually the best choice as they most closely resemble fertile quality cervical fluid.

Please note that of importance is the fact that you and your partner are 34 years of age. As it has been more than one year without conception, I would strongly advise you to see a professional to ensure that your health is assessed to determine your fertility status.